The Blue Dragon

The Blue Dragon is a graphic novel adaptation of the famous eponymous play by Robert Lepage. Inspired by the writings of Marie Michaud and Mr. Lepage, Fred Jourdain produced a non-standard work, heavily influenced by his love of large-scale illustration. Alternating the classical comic book illustration and contemplative double-pages, he succeeds in surprising the public and critics alike, despite the fact that the original play was widely known. His work has earned him several accolades, including the Bédéis Causa 2011 – Réal-Fillion Award, given to the best first album, as well as other nominations.




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        Release date : 1 3 Avril 2011

        Langage : français

        Publisher : Alto

        Number of pages : 176

        Dimensions : 30.7 x 23.1 x 2 cm

        Cover : Hardcover

        ISBN : 978-2923550-75-6

        Number of copies : 3333



        Release date : 5 octobre 2011

        Publisher : House of Anansi

        Langage : Anglais

        Number of pages : 176

        Dimensions : 30.2 x 22.9 x 1 cm

        Cover : Soft

        ISBN : 978-1-77089-037-4



        Release date : 15 octobre 2012

        Publisher : Alto

        Langage : français

        Number of pages : 184

        Dimensions : 30.2 x 22.4 x 1.5 cm

        Cover : soft

        ISBN : 978-2896941049


Claire, a Quebecoise art dealer, arrives in China to adopt a little girl. There she visits her ex-husband, Pierre, who after fifteen years in China has begun to question the new directions his adopted country is going in. Claire and Pierre’s lover, the young Chinese artist Xiao Ling, become fast friends. Through this classic love triangle, The Blue Dragon examines aging, cultural confusion, fertility, and creativity, and emerges as a fascinating examination of some of modern China’s most intriguing paradoxes.




« Le résultat est superbe, parfois même d’une époustouflante beauté. » - David Desjardins, Voir


« Cet album est une oeuvre d’art en soi. Nous avons affaire ici à un livre excepionnel, où la rencontre de créateurs hors du commun a donné naissance à un ouvrage fascinant et envoûtant.» - François Cloutier, Lettres québécoises


« Un roman graphique bouleversant et d’une rare beauté, à l’image de la pièce mythique de Robert Lepage et Marie Michaud dont il est la fidèle adaptation.» - François Martin, Le libraire


«Jourdain did a fabulous job of creating ambiance through colour and establishing pace and mood with double-page metaphorical illustrations without any dialogue. Unlike some graphic novelists who use the same number of panels throughout their work, Jourdain’s layout changed with every page, offering the reader an element of surprise and making The Blue Dragon more art than graphic novel. A stroke of genius.» - The Unexpected twists and Turns


« La patte numérique et les coloris de Fred Jourdain réussissent à affranchir cette BD de l’œuvre originale. Un trait fort. » - Réseau des bibliothèques de montréal.



A limited series of Digigraphies have been created from this work, which can be seen here.


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