Round Midnight

In 2008, Fred Jourdain worked on the first volume of the Front, published by Front Froid. He created ''Round' Midnight'', a black and white 13-page story. The following year, he illustrated the cover of the Front #2 with ''Rooftop Inspiration'', a nod to Huck, the main character from ''Round' Midnight''. 


  • Le Front 1
  • Le Front 2

        Authors : Fred Jourdain, Olivier Carpentier, Jeik Dion,

        Félix Laflamme, Martin Roy

        Publisher : Front Froid

        Cover : Soft

        ISBN : 978-2981042200

        Price : 15.00 $



        Authors : Hicham Absa, Louis-Philippe Bastien, Olivier Carpentier,

        Jeik Dion, Marc Dorais, Gautier Langevin, Minh Nguyen, Yvon Roy

        Publisher : Front Froid

        Cover : Soft

        ISBN : 978-2-9810422-1-7

        Price : 15.00 $



''Round Midnight'' is the story of Chet, a New York detective of the 1940s. Filled with debts, he accepts one last assignment before leaving the city and its coldness to go south and start a new life. Hired by a wealthy businessman to find his son Tom, who suddenly disappeared, he will be forced against his will to conduct its investigation with the young Huck, orphan and good friend of Tom.




Once a year, Front Froid publishes a comic book consisting of five different stories from various artists. The works are selected by the members of Front Froid, and must be associated to a genre (western, science-fiction, detective fiction, etc.).




A limited series of Digigraphies have been created from this work, which can be seen here.   


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